Where’s Deo Now?

Deogratias is the founder of Village Health Works in Burundi.  Village Health Works “is a collaborative effort between local communities in Burundi and beyond who share the humane belief that all people, including those most impoverished, should have access to the highest standards of health in their pursuit of happy and productive lives.”

Letter from the Founder, Deogratias: “An Army of Compassionate People Can Change the World”

In July of 2005, Deo and a group of his American friends began brainstorming how to bring quality health to the impoverished people of Burundi who had survived the civil war in Burundi and Rwanda. In December of 2005, the construction of bricks to build a medical center began. Through generous funding and support of the local community, Deo was able to officially open the clinic in December of 2007.

As of January, 2010, Villiage Health Works opened up a Community Center which is used for training the Community Health Workers and holding community engagement events where people can learn about nutrition, food security, and basic health promotion. The space is also used to hold seminars for the nurses and doctors.

Deo was recently awarded the International Medal from St. John’s University “for his distinguished contributions to international good will.” He speaks at numerous events to emphasize the need for and importance of improved healthcare in impoverished countries who have struggled through harsh political and economic times. After three years of taking time to establish Village Health Works, Deo is now pursuing his medical training.

To see highlights from a recent interview between Deogratias and People to People International, CLICK HERE.


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